Preface to the catalogue of the 2007 exhibition

Lyrical abstract paintings by Dagmar Bergmann : 
Catalogue of the 2007 exhibition

Between winds and tides

Dagmar Bergmann was born at the end of the Second World War, in a refugee camp in northern Germany. As a way of growing up in this world without identity, between oblivion and secrecy, she imagined an infinitely mobile writing of silence, a painting as eternal and true as the often hidden blue of the sky.

The evolution of the painting of Dagmar Bergmann reveals the extent of her quest, as the exhibitions at the Fondo Internacional de Pintura testify. "Species of spaces" (2001) sets the scene of oblivion and secrecy, and the transparencies beneath which they conceal their dance. With "Metamorphoses of oblivion" (2003), life in oblivion is endowed with a choreography which animates the canvases with its incessant metamorphoses. In "The interior of dreams" (2005) the artist addresses the enigma of identity. Dreams, so alive and yet so secret, in turn reflections of our lives and reasons for them, inspire Dagmar Bergmann with multidimensional painting produced with great freedom. Painting where interior and exterior are infinitely interwoven.

The current exhibition, "Between winds and tides," was born out of this freedom. It marks an essential stage in Dagmar Bergmann’s quest: exposure. Like the winds and tides, oblivion and secrecy erase but also expose a primeval world. We are offered a passage towards this world, towards an original light ("Rosy-fingered dawn", "Inner light") inhabited by a vital force ("Wings of desire", "The sorcerer's apprentice", "Living"), an enchanted passage ("Song of the windy waves", "Secret garden") with vertiginous risks ("Reef", "Acrobats")...

© Dagmar Bergmann, June 2007

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