Preface to the catalogue of the 2009 exhibition

Lyrical abstract paintings by Dagmar Bergmann : 
Catalogue of the 2009 exhibition


Dagmar Bergmann was born in Hamburg, the daughter of refugees from East Germany. From an early age she felt attracted by the call of the fugues, above all as a form of escape in search of an identity that had been erased by poverty and oblivion. The landscapes of those fugues were blue, a promise of freedom and truth like the fragments of sky Northern clouds sometimes reveal.
Once more the colour blue guided Dagmar Bergmann when she chose to leave Germany and escape for good to a land of skies and seas where inner and outer fugues echo in unison.

Between winds and tides the artist set up her easel and sought to express the turbulence of fugues ("Mistral", "Four winds", "Youth", "Fugues") and their secret harmony ("Ode to joy", "Night sheds its leaves", "Night transfigured", "Time after time"), setting free sounds and fragrances ("Sunrise jazz", "Perfume", "The song of the Mariachi") which invite us to escape.

© Dagmar Bergmann, June 2009

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