Preface to the catalogue of the 2005 exhibition

Lyrical abstract paintings by Dagmar Bergmann : 
Catalogue of the 2005 exhibition

The Inside of Dreams

We forget our dreams, but dreams do not forget us.

I have always been moved by the fact that dreams are so secret and yet intimate and alive.
Moved by the game of hide-and-seek they play with us, to the point where one forgets who is inside whom.

In dreams, secrecy and oblivion constantly switch roles. They desire and oppose each other, in a dance of life to which my Fondo Internacional de Pintura exhibitions bear witness.
It is a dance made up of stops, starts and fresh beginnings, not located in two dimensions, or even three, but in an interdimensionality woven with figures and signs.

"The interior of dreams" presents them in their ephemeral and infinite aspects : "The Ikaros’ dream", "The other side of heaven", "Genesis", "Far-off inside", "Nirvana", "Life in folds", "Time overflows"...

© Dagmar Bergmann, June 2005

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