Preface to the catalogue 2020

Lyrical abstract paintings by Dagmar Bergmann : 
Catalogue 2020


The Fondo Internacional de Pintura did not survive the ill-fated year 2020. Whatever their country of origin, my paintings had got together there since 2001. On the eve of the opening, they would compare their shapes and colours, discuss locations and lighting, anxious to please. Then they would give themselves over to the charm of the dialogue with visitors, old and young, loners and couples, who came and sometimes went back to look at them. And if one of them did not receive the consecration of the red dot, it would not feel excluded for it : the Fondo was its home and the director, Don Jaime Gil Aluja, its guardian angel. The Microcosm presented today is dedicated to Jaime and the Fondo, with gratitude and confidence.
Painting is time that heals.

© Dagmar Bergmann, december 2020

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