Preface to the catalogue of the 2003 exhibition

Lyrical abstract paintings by Dagmar Bergmann : 
Catalogue of the 2003 exhibition

Metamorphosis of oblivion

The title "Metamorphosis of oblivion" takes up Paul Eluard's line: "we live in oblivion of our metamorphoses".

The idea of a "life in oblivion" moves me deeply, because of my German origins and the duty of remembrance that they imply, and because of the feeling of eternity which marks the work of an artist.

The colour blue, through its durability and a rarity which I felt keenly in northern skies, has played a fundamental role in my work, notably in my previous exhibition at the Fondo Internacional de Pintura. This year, it is interwoven with tints and signs expressing my feeling that oblivion is changing too. The wind ("Zephyr", "Sources of the wind"), the sea ("Farewell !", "The argonauts"), history ("Reconquista") or myth ("Alcyons") summon up such metamorphoses of oblivion, which are sometimes indulgent, sometimes implacable, like a mirror.

© Dagmar Bergmann, June 2003

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