Preface to the catalogue of the 2011 exhibition

Lyrical abstract paintings by Dagmar Bergmann : 
Catalogue of the 2011 exhibition

Fragments of paradise

"Paradise is not on Earth, but there are fragments of it. On Earth is a shattered paradise." (Jules Renard, Journal)

We can try to assemble these fragments and stick them together again. I have chosen instead to leave them free to experience the forces of attraction, of abandon, and of flight, as the "Game of love and chance" dictates. They are dreams of bird in an open world where wings are still required.

To celebrate my tenth year of exhibition at the Fondo Internacional de Pintura, I would like to invite you to share the secrets of these "Fragments of paradise" ("Fata Morgana", "Ode to a nightingale", "Back to the sources"), which are by turns serene ("Charm", "Feelings"), turbulent ("Darkness moves", "Land of Fire"), sombre ("Kindertotenlieder") or joyful ("Tipsy"), but which are always filled with tenderness ("Tender is the night", "Garden of childhood", "Butterfly kisses").

© Dagmar Bergmann, June 2011

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